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CSR Policy Development | Employee Engagement Marketing and Campaign Development | Partnership and Philanthropy

Our services

We will discover, develop and implement a personalised CSR strategy for your business.  Then, using our tried and tested systems and tools, we'll help get your organisation involved with minimum impact on your time and business operations whilst giving you and your team maximum impact with their giving goals.

Marketing and Communications

Here at CSR consulting Australia, we believe in making it easy for you. We can either work with your existing marketing teams to advise on the most effective marketing plan or you can use our templated suite of tools to quickly and effectively implement a successful marketing and communications strategy.

Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate giving can make serious change in the community. By giving money, either directly from your company or through employee giving, you are allowing your chosen charities to either generate new programs, raise awareness or continue with key services that help people.

CSR Strategy Development

A great CSR strategy will help guide your organisation in making the right choice on a community partner, bringing your team on the journey.

By developing a strategy at the start, it also means a solid groundwork for your new partner relationship to be built on, ensuring it's a mutually beneficial partnership. 


Sometimes called employee experience or employee satisfaction, employee engagement is the term applied to how enthusiastic your employees are about showing up to work each day. These days, thanks to employee surveys, it’s a measurable performance indicator for any business with multiple employees.

'CSR is an ingrained value and company-wide commitment
to significant social issues'

What is CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR for short is a general term that essentially means corporations have a degree of responsibility not only for the economic consequences of their activities but also for the social and environmental implications of their business.

But it’s more than just giving money to a charity. It’s an ingrained value and company-wide commitment to significant social issues like environmental care, human rights, gender equality and community. It’s about having a shared value with your stakeholders, employees and of course, your customers.

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“Dru was excellent to partner with for our CSR policy and roadmap creation. As a new policy and focus for our business, Dru made the design and build of the policy a roadmap really easy for us. We look forward to continuing work with her through year one of our roadmap delivery and on into the future" 

Richard Austin, General Manager of Mutual Marketplace

What do our customers say?

Dru Mills has supported Albany Lane Consulting to review and reposition our digital platforms to be client facing, as well as true to our values and purpose. Dru is a great mind to have if you need someone to support you to connect the passion and purpose of your business with your strategy, Her experience in both corporate and charitable marketing allows her to create meaningful programs for you and your teams.
Judith Bowtell, Albany Lane director

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