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Our Mission

Read about our mission and our team.

Our Mission Statement

We believe in making social responsibility a significant part of the
Australian business landscape. With proper guidance, businesses can create significant change and make an incredible impact.

Through our work, we will endeavour to make giving easy and good for business because together, we can shape a better world for future generations

Meet the Director
Dru Mills

After developing successful impactful, partnerships that delivered beneficial partnerships for some of Australia's biggest brands, Dru is passionate about making change.


However, she soon realised that there was very little help for businesses that wanted to do good but didn't have the resources or time to devote to this important part of their business.


With a desire to help multiple charities at once, by making it easier for 'for-profit' businesses to navigate, implement and communicate their CSR strategy,  CSR Consulting Australia was born.

Meet Dru Mills, Director

With a team of subcontractors specialising in marketing, coaching and business development, that flex up as needed, we can tailor projects and work requirements to suit your needs.

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